Friday, October 3, 2008

Poy from Thailand

Poy, a thai, changing sex at the age of 17, enjoyed high reputation in Thailand since winning Miss Tiffany Competition (some sort of tranny beauty contest). During one of her interview, she tell her story after having sex changing operation. She won the crown of Miss Tiffany beauty contest at the age of 19.

During a talkshow, she said that when she was small, she used to think of becoming a girl, but in front of her parents, she has to pretend as a man.

She felt disgusted of her 'male organ', so at the age of 17, she went for the sex change surgery and since that, she felt as if she is a new born.

At the beginning, she is afraid of the operation, but after going through a lot of doctor's counseling and searching through info related to the operation, finally she decided to go ahead with the operation. During the operation, the process is extremely painful. But as soon as she thinks of becoming a female, worth every pain she suffered.

Recently, Poy is promoting some slimming products and has taken some sexy photoshots in Thailand . Her reputation keeps on growing as she has been a hot topics on the internet among those South East Asians.

Poy Personal Details:
Real Name : Treechada Marnyaporn
Nickname : Poy
Height : 171 cm
Weight : 48 kg
Measurement : 33 – 24 – 36
Occupation : Actress, Singer, Model
Awards received :
1) Miss Tiffany 2004
2) Miss International Queen 2004

p/s: Look at her hands, she has a pair of 'man size' hand! Other then that, she look perfect.

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